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Two sisters with a passion for shopping that is us! After 4 years of running a retail giftware shop and online store, Covid struck us. And we thought it would be the end of all our hard work and passion. As we sit in the kitchen with our tea and biscuits, we think of a way that we could keep our dreams and passion of becoming successful afloat. With a lot of hard work and endless hours of researching, we needed to find a way to keep our stocklist flowing and that would work around family life now our little darlings were going to be running rings around us 24 hours 7 days a week. That is when we decided to give our whole website a makeover.

Like any business our business needed a lot of time and nurturing to get it just right so 3 months came and flew by as quick as anything with all adjusting to being behind closed doors, not being able to purchase pasta or toilet roll, many zoom conversations, clapping on a Thursday evening being the only time we saw other humans outside, and each and every day all rolling into one we finally hit the nail on the head. Welcome to little box of delights.

Since little delights became our main focus as our shop premises was unable to open we have become, full hands on business women while working around our children and developing into the life of lockdown. We have grown to love how flexible working from home has become, being able to involve the family into choices and decisions for the business in the process has been another love of ours. Anyone that has children know just how amazing their imagination can be and we love hearing their ideas for upcoming events.

 Life has now become this crazy but amazing set up with the kids laughter filling the house while we work on new ideas, reply to emails and make them phone calls that have had a few "so sorry about that" or "bear with me one moment, mother duties call" but we have adjusted to loving it. Don't get me wrong, it can be hard and tiring some days, but it can be done.


We sit tight with our fingers crossed that little delights is as loved by you amazing people out there just as much as it is loved by us and building it? And we hope with our little darlings working alongside us, shows them the only thing we could ask for and that is to follow your dreams, and they can achieve anything they set their little minds too.


Love Team LBD xx

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