Virtual Date Night Ideas

This Valentine's Day is set to be a little different to the usual setting, no romantic dinner dates, no weekend breaks, no spa days instead for many people or long distanced relationships it will be spent with your loved one on the other end of a screen. We have picked some idea's to try and help you get through this Valentine's Day when no contact is allowed.


Virtual Romantic Candle Lit Dinner

Light some candles and get Deliveroo loaded up, find a mouth watering meal that your other half would enjoy and get it delivered to their address. Each of you orders for each other so dinner will be a surprise when it arrives at their door, this is a little test to see just how well you know each other's taste buds. Get zoom at the ready and enjoy a virtual dinner date.


Virtual Drawing Date 

Set up zoom somewhere hands free, grab a piece of paper and your pencils. Each take it in turns to pose for your partner to draw you, set yourself a 10-minute timer for each person. The results may be hilarious or an intermate moment in seeing what details your partner focuses on the most.


Virtual Online Book Club

Are you and your partner a lover of a good book? Why not both decide on a book that springs out for you both, download it on your kindle or purchase a copy if you prefer the traditional paperback. Set yourselves a time length and after both completing the book plan a virtual wine and cheese evening and discuss what you each thought of the book.


Virtual Cooking Evening

Both get searching the web for a new recipe that you both are intrigued to try. Each grab the ingredients you need from the shop and get chopping. Set zoom up and let the cooking commences, make it a little more interesting and see who can create the best - looking dish.


Virtual Game Night 

There are a bulk load of amazing game apps available to get your hands on, pick one that takes your fancy and connect with each other via Facebook or email. Or set up a zoom conversation and play the tradition game of Charades/Pictionary act out scenes from movies, imitating actresses or actors, or perform actions for each other to guess.


Virtual Question Time 

Grab a glass of wine, settle down on the sofa, get zoom up and running and get asking questions to get to know each other a little better. It doesn't matter how long you may have been with your partner as people change with every day, month and year. Conversation starter cards can be good for this date as will help get the conversation flowing and memories may burst back into your minds with stories you have never told/heard before.


Virtual Bucket List 

If lockdown has taught us one thing it is just how quickly things can change and time to reflect on what we would like to do and experience through our life's. Why not make a couple's bucket list of all the things you would both like to enjoy and experience together, places you would like to travel to, adventure days you would like to try, day trips you would like to make and your career and living goals. 


Virtual Happy Hour with Friends 

Do you and your partner miss them double date evenings with your closest friends? Why not arrange a Happy Hour, grab a glass of wine, set up zoom and enjoy a good catch up, laugh and joke and feel connected with your closest friends. You could even purchase some couple's games with questions that could get the conversation flowing.


We hope some of these ideas have got you thinking about what to plan for this Valentine's Day date evening.


Love Team LBD x

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