With all the hype in the media about saving the planet and trying Veganuary this month we thought we would pop on and share our top Vegan products with you.

Within our Little Box inventory we have a wide range of product's that are all Vegan friendly:

  • Face Masks

With Brands such as Technic, Garnier, Oh K! and Kocostar and a range of over 20 masks to choose from we're sure you will be able to find one that is just what your pamper night requires.  

  • Fruu Lip Balms

FRUU is an award-winning UK cosmetic company, specialised in creating products made from wonky/surplus fruit ingredients. We stock a range of FRUU Lip balms for you to choose from.

  • Bath Range 

We have a range of Bathing products to choose from weather you are a Lay back and unwind kind of person or a shower and go. We have a range of cute, bright and amazing smelling bath bombs to choose from. Bath salts to help you lay back and unwind with a release of gorgeous smelling natural aromas. Or jump in a shower and pop one of our shower steamers in the corner and let their natural aromas get you set for your day ahead.

  • Pantone Shower Gel

These amazing Pantone Shower Gel's are the perfect addition to any bath or shower. Get your skin feeling refreshed and smelling lush with one of our amazing, scented shower gels from the amazing Pantone collection made by Bubble T Cosmetics. These amazing products are all Cruelty Free and made with a wide range of Tea-infused ingredients.

  • Popcorn Range 

Fancy a night in with a movie or may a binge watch of a good Netflix series then what better snack to have then some delicious popcorn. With well-known brands such as Proper Corn and Joe & Seph’s we have some yummy flavours to choose from.

  • Tea Selection 

With a wide range of Tea Brands to choose from and several amazing flavours were sure there’s a cuppa for you. Who doesn't love a good cuppa with a good catch up? A long day at the office? A cosy night in? A cuppa is always the perfect go to for that perfect aaaaaaaahh! With Brands such as Tea Pigs, Super Tea, PG Tips, Twining’s, English Tea Shop and an AMAZING range of herbal fruit tea’s all the way from Canada.

  • Chocolate Range

Mouth watering melt in the mouth Chocolate, can you think of anything better? We have several Vegan Options within our Chocolate range from brands such as Guppy’s Chocolate and Moo Free.

  • Sweet Range 

Maybe your more of a Sweetie person? Then we have some tasty options to fill them taste buds from our tasty Candy Kitten’s Flavours to our range of Jealous Sweets with four different types of sweeties to pick from its time to get choosing.

Spread some love this Veganuary with a box of Vegan treats. Weather they are Vegan already or Taking part in Veganuary a box of delicious Vegan treats will be sure to create a smile on anyone’s face.

Above products are available within our Build your own gift box range and our Ready to go Delight Boxes 

 Happy Veganuary, Love Team LBD x

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