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Benefits to an Ice Roller

Help get your skin ready and glowing ready for the summer season!

Do you own an Ice Roller?

The team at Little Box of Delights highly recommend having one in your essentials bag for this summer and are here to share some of their benefits with you!

Benefits of Ice Rollers

What is an ice roller? What do they do for you?

An ice roller is a facial massager device that you roll over your face. Ice rollers come in different varieties from texture to size some can be filled with water and others can be purchased with a gel form inside, there is also a choice of the stainless-steel roller which reaches a super cold temperature without anything inside. Larger rollers work well to cover the whole face at the same time or the smaller rollers which are handy for them hard to reach and smaller areas.

Rollers are best stored within the freezer to help reach a good temperature to provide a better benefit for your day-to-day skin routine.

Ice rollers can help benefit your skin in many ways, have you ever heard of Lymphatic Massage? An ice roller provides the same benefits at a cheaper cost and within your home. It aids in helping increase blood flow, drain fluid which results in de-puffing of your face. This holds a high impact to the under-eye area weather you have had a crazy few day and need them large puffy bags sitting under your eyes to reduce a little or if you want to feel a little more awake each morning.

Ice rollers also help to soothe and reduce inflammation, does your skin get super inflamed? Have you just had a facial treatment that has caused your skin to show up? Using an Ice roller to massage over your skin will help to stimulate blood flow, soothe your skin, and help speed up the recovery to reducing redness. It also helps to constrict blood vessels and reduces appearance of broken capillaries too!

Do you suffer from headaches? Rolling an Ice roller over your temples can help to alleviate headaches

Do you work out often or have a job that can be hard on your muscles? Ice rollers can also provide benefit on aches and pains anywhere on your body

Use an ice roller as part of your daily routine to help absorb beauty products even further into your skin.

We have helped to share which benefits an ice roller can have for your skin now all you need to know is which is the best way to use it to help benefit from it.

Always make sure your keep your ice roller in the freezer so it is ready to go whenever you are ready to use it!

Always use your ice roller on make up free skin, use it as part of your morning routine and night routine after applying your skin care products to help them fully absorb into your skin.

Roll your face in sections: start near your nose and work the roller outwards. Then roll it up and down the cheekbone area several times, then glide it across the forehead heading towards the hairline. I like to do each section several times and then repeat the routine over my face until the ice roller starts to get to a warmer temperature.

Clean the roller with water and a little soap, making sure any soap used is fully rinsed off and then pop it back in the freezer ready for your next mini spa routine.

For best results we recommend using your roller regularly  

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