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Hey all my lovelies!

Waving you all a sunny hello from us here today, how nice is it when this sun is out shining down on us! It helps bring such a more positive vibe to our day. We have been taking full advantage of this beautiful weather this week and it’s been filled with ice cream, smiles and laughter.

So Little Box of Delights is now officially a year old, and we have enjoyed every moment of our journey so far. We have loved seeing our feedback and photos that have been shared by our amazing customers! Please keep them coming through to us!

We thought we would give you a little sneak peek behind the Little Box of Delights HQ! There’s never a dull moment within the Little Delights office and no day is ever the same. Weather we are packing up orders, making up designs, helping some of our amazing customers bring their dreams to live, meeting up with clients as Little Delights expands much further than just gift boxes. We are currently building within the website which will include all links to the other services that Little Box offers very soon! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

Little Delights will always have a To Do List on the board ready for each day, when we are well organised, you might even be lucky to see a whole week of To Do’s. Little Delights will always tune into the good old 50’s and 60’s classics, they are always the tunes to get our feet tapping and our vocals filling the office each day.

Orders are always our number one priority; we offer a same day dispatch if ordered before 12noon (terms and conditions apply) we like to be as eco friendly as we can be in our HQ so we will load all our orders up on our order computer system rather than printing all orders out and work our way through from the first order received since closing our office the previous day up until our order list up till 12noon is complete. Each product will then be carefully picked to fulfil the items within the order. We will then write a handwritten message providing a Little Delights designed card which is best suited to the message left with the order, if we feel another card may be suited to your order then we will go into our design mode and make a design up that we feel will be better suited to the message. We really do go that extra mile for our customers.

My happy smiley postman will then come to collect all orders usually around 12.30pm, that’s when we get to breath and pop the kettle on for a much needed refuel. We then very quickly get back to work which will then be to focus on any enquiries, special made orders, restocking, and getting the HQ back into shape. There really is never a dull moment for Little Delights.

What is currently happening within HQ?

Little Delights is run solely by a hands-on mummy so we do sometimes have the pleasure of my little helpers on board which is always a happy affair so of course our summer holidays saw a lot of them cheeky little smiley faces within the office.

We have also just outgrown our first office so are currently in the process of building our new HQ which involves a lot of DIY, Paint and creativity but we are loving seeing it all slowly shape together and working very hard to get everything into shape.

Little Delights is always working on something new and we work hard to provide gifts with different designs, different meanings and most of all a real personal touch so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any new arrivals making there way to our website soon.

Thank you for taking your time to read our behind-the-scenes blog.

Keep Smiling

Shaunna xx

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